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From a brand perspective clients would like to ensure that their budgets are being well spent.

Mall Activation, Festivals and Events are a sure way to target where many consumers can be reached with the lowest effort. Targeting the places where consumers are shopping.

At Cinch we research the footfall of each venue and use the best recommendations to our clients to suit their needs and their LSM targets.

On top of this, your team needs to be incredibly knowledgable about your product or service possessing the sales acumen to turn even the most sceptical passers-by into potential leads.
This is our most effective and popular flyer distribution option. We can place our Cinch teams at the street corners of any busy street intersection at peak traffic periods such as early morning traffic or evening rush hours.

This method can be used to promote an upcoming event, a sale, a grand opening, product launch, a special or just to create awareness for your products and services.

The Cinch team have fully researched the intersections and are knowledgeable of the correct target market that would best suit your brand. Staff are professional dressed in your brand uniforms and conduct themselves professionally at all times.

The staff a full time supervised by a Cinch team member to ensure perfect execution. Flyer distribution includes but is not limited to: Robot Drops, House Distribution, Taxi Ranks, Shopping Malls, Parkade Booms
Cinch offers One of the biggest brand trends is Event roadshows. The Marketing tactic is taking your brand on the road to your consumers, and has one of the greatest potentials to elevate your brand.

The greatest success of your brand launch is research and audience knowledge that goes into the planning of your roadshow. The Cinch team will guide you through the selection process of the correct venue relevant to your brand and target LSM.

We will provide the correct profile staff suited to your brand and profile. Now that the fundamental elements of your roadshow are in place the next very important step is your content of the your roadshow that is tailored to each locations audience while maintaining the unifying message.With both an eye-catcher on the road and on location you make the most of your marketing budget!
Point of sale marketing refers to all efforts that increase sales at the point the purchase is actually made. The most common method of point of sale marketing is the merchandise display, while other methods include the use of signage Effective use of POS is interesting and entices customers to make a purchase.

A new trend in effective use of POS in retail stores is Cross merchandising. At Cinch we have researched the market and harness that knowledge into making your POS strategies effective in marketing your brand. The Cinch team will plan,design, print and install and remove the POS at the end of the campaign.

The average consumer only has a limited amount of time to spend in a retail store, therefore it is imperative to create displays that say "If you're only giving us 15 minutes of your time, we would like you to notice these products."
The Cinch team follows 3 steps to ensure effective and quick activation reporting:

1. Taking great quality photos of the activation that are worthy of sharing.

2. Gathering informative feedback that would assist you to know the reactions of consumers to your brand.

3. Live feedback to all clients during the events and a fully comprehensive report to you within 72 hours.


We want to share our ideas to help your brand promotions, activations and events.